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We have a variety of colors to choose from that can fit your decor. From square to octagon we have the ability to custom fit your spa or hot tub. There is an informative video for measuring or we can come out to measure it for you. We are here to help with your cover needs. We always build the very best quality for your needs whether commercial or home. Its important to us that we give our customers the best product that we can.

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Hot tub chlorine and scents

Gem State Architectural Foam

We have foam pillars to crown moldings, basically it is paintable foam that has a durable outer coating. These architectural foam trims have a variety of uses and are easy to work with. There is no need for expensive concrete forms with these easy to handle foam moldings. There are endless options and custom solutions for architects, developers, contractors, commercial building owners and homeowners to increase the value of their properties.

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Custom Industrial Sewing and Barbecue Covers

We make a variety of storage covers to fit your barbecue or outdoor kitchen that are custom made to fit. Protect your equipment from the rough Idaho weather for enjoyment later. Our covers also prevents build up of unwanted dust, debris, falling leaves and everything else the weather blows around. The covers are made of durable fibers that resist tearing and ripping in all weather conditions.

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We Can Measure Your Tub For You

Give us a call and we will set a time to come out and measure your spa or hot tub for $40.00 in the Boise, Idaho area.

Or you can watch the video below and learn how to measure it yourself.

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Sail Shades You can Enjoy. Beauty, Sun Protection plus added Real Estate Value

Sail shades can work for you when the conventional square shade just won't fit. These shades will help you make your own cool haven of rest and relaxation or cool off the hot side of your house or business. They can also offer some rain protection on the front or back patio. Our high quality shades are made to be put under tension so you can be confident in your purchase. Keep the children safe from the sun and enjoy your outdoor deck.

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spa and hot tub cover

Spa and Hot Tub Covers All covers come with a 3 or 5 year warranty and is among the best in the nation.

Ask about our cover lifters to make it easy to put on or off your new cover. We have spa kits available and one that is just right for you.

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Spa Chemicals, Filters, Treatments and Cleaners Spa and Hot Tub Filters.

We have a variety of filters to choose from and test kits to check your chlorine and pH levels. pH test strips are available for easy usage and scented liquids for an enjoyable soak with friends and family.

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boat covers

We don't just make spa covers but awnings, boat covers and sail shades.